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PDI and Print Guide

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All files should be jpeg and in sRGB colour space

File size must be no more than 1400 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high

File names include membership no./competition name/running no./title eg:

15/102 Colour Rd 1 01 My First Image
15/102 Colour Rd 1 02 My Second Image

Entries should be sent to (or provided on a memory stick)

Please send entries for each competition by separate emails (or within separate folders on the stick)

There will be opportunities throughout the year for further explanation at practical evenings





Image size and format is the same as for PDI comps outlined above

All File Names must contain the Image Name and Photographers Name as shown in the example to the right

(Please remember to state the picture you would like to include in the slide show as shown)

Attach your jpegs to an email and SEND to

If you still have a problem please contact Dave on his e.mail details above.







Prints can be any size up to A3 (40 x 50cms mounted).

You may print your own images or have them trade processed. offers a good printing service with reasonable prices; £1 for an A3 print.

Monochrome images should be black and white (grey scale) or they may be toned by one colour; sepia for example.  Home printed mono prints can carry a colour cast and this should be avoided.



All prints must be mounted on card size 40 x 50cms.  They can be surfaced mounted or fixed behind a cut out window.  Please do not use masking tape on the back of your mounts as the adhesive is not strong enough and can come off damaging other prints. is a good source for obtaining suitable mounting card or Daler board may be obtained from Hobbycraft and other art supply stores.


Competition Format

The club run a three round competition for colour and mono prints.  The competition is divided into Class 1 and Class 2.  New members may elect to go into Class 1 if they consider their work to be of a suitable standard; however they will normally be entered into Class 2 initially (Please note this is the only competition which has two classes).

There is a set subject competition staged over two rounds.

There are single round competitions such as portraiture, child studies, nature, etc

You may enter two prints in each separate competition, so if you entered the colour comp and mono comp you could enter a total of four prints.

Competition entries are required one week before the competition.



All entries must be labelled on the back of the mount, in the top left hand corner (this is important as it indicates the way up your picture is displayed).

Example of how to label a print:

Name of competition (and class if applicable):
Your Membership Number and Year:
Print Title:
Note: The label should not include your name